Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's finally finished!!!!!!!!!!  After 8 months of teasing, this piece is at last complete.  I'm really happy with how it turned out!  And you wanna know the best part about it?  IT'S FOR SALE RIGHT NOW IN MY SHOP!

LOZ C 10
LOZ C 11
LOZ C 25
LOZ C 12
LOZ C 22
So what do you guys think?  I'm sure those of you who have played Twilight Princess can appreciate how much detail I went into with the signature weapons and items from that specific Legend of Zelda game.  Surprisingly, the ones that look the hardest were actually not that bad to make.....however, those damn rupees were an effing nightmare.

Oh!  And knowing that the price for the original is a tiiiiiiiny bit expensive, I also have prints of this piece available in my shop as well!  I only had a few made, so get one while you can!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Whitney's Favorites

whitney's favorites banner1
Well after months of mulling over how I can get Whitney to contribute to the blog some more, it turns out that the last post directed by her, where she picked out some of her favorite blogs to share with you, was something she would like to do regularly....and by "something SHE would like to do regularly" I mean make a list of 7 blogs so that I can compile them together in a post, add text, and spend hours making special buttons for each blog.....but I guess any contribution is better than no contribution.  I still love her.  Anyways, she is really my eyes and ears when it comes to the blogging world, since I don't stray too far away from my favorite art blogs, and she is always pointing me into the direction of fun blogs out there that she loves to read.  So please enjoy Whitney's Favorites part II!  Each picture below is a button to their respective blog, so click on each and be sure to take a look around!

*P.S. All of the blogs we feature in Whitney's Favorites can be found by clicking "friends" on the top navigation bar, plus I've also added a button under "Features" on the left sidebar (along with a Paper Blogger button) if you'd like to see all the blogs that way!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paper Blogger: Little Blog of Horrors

Ayden final 1
Another super-delayed Paper Blogger post, but better late than never!  Ayden's portrait is absolutely one of my favorites and I could not have been more pleased with how it came out.  For me, it really signified a transition to a different way of approaching these portraits, from an artistic standpoint, that I believe I struggled with a bit on my first few commissions and earlier portraits.  When I was done, it felt like it was a moment of growth in the overall look of my paper portraiture style....I don't know what it is exactly, probably a culmination of a lot subtle changes that you might not notice, but overall it just looks so much cleaner and refined than some of my earlier portraits.  What really helped though was Ayden's permission for just about complete artistic control on this commission, which took A LOT of pressure off of me, which in turn helped me to add a lot more to her order.  I included her two guinea pigs and a little cupcake with a tiny bow on it, and then flooded the background with roses which took soooooooo loooooong to do.  I've never cut out so many individual pieces on a single commission before and just to speed things up a bit, I had to enlist Whitney's help on this portrait....which, in the end, made this order even more special, since it was the first order Whitney and I have ever worked on together.

It is no exaggeration at all when I say that Ayden is one of the sweetest people we have met through our blog.  I may sound like a broken record when I talk about these other bloggers that we have met, but seriously everyone we have had the pleasure to work with or talk to have just been the coolest people in the world, and Ayden ranks at the top!  Her blog quickly became one of our favorites and I'm sure it'll become one of your's as well if it isn't already!  So we suggest that you all visit her blog right now and say hello by hitting her button under the blogroll to the left of this page or by clicking HERE.

Ayden final 3
Ayden final 4
Ayden final 5
Ayden final 6
Ayden final 2
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