Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Harro again!!!

Cameron hello
Hello! I have to say, I've gotten pretty good at not posting on a consistent basis. What's that you say? It's better to post on a consistent basis??? Wait.........what? Looks like I don't have this blogging thing down yet I suppose. Actually, as you can probably guess, busyness with a capital B is still the name of the game and has prevented me from saying hello to all my bloggy friends out there. A combination of work, art, and getting prepared for a nearly month-long trip has kept me pretty occupied, but that usually means when I do get a chance to post, there's tons and tons to share!

Cameron plus Whitney banner preview
Here's a preview of the new banner I've been working on for the blog, which I'm doing entirely out of paper! You'll notice above there are two empty frames flanking the title....hhhhmmm....I wonder who will be featured in them??? The banner is actually finished, but I haven't been able to properly take pictures of it that are to my liking with the Nikon, so I'm probably going to need some help from Whitney's step father who happens to be a professional photographer (hence why I haven't already put the banner up). I'll have a post of the completed piece tomorrow!

I haven't had the chance to do too much sketching in the ol' sketchbook in the last few months, but I was able to find the time and motivation to apply pencil to paper on one of the many rainy days we've had here in Seattle as of late. If you've noticed from all of the other previous sketches I've posted in my sketch dumps, it seems like all I ever draw are Whitney and myself.....which happens to be true, but only because we are so gosh darn fun to draw! Whitney and I are both very shy and quiet, but around each other we're very animated, and we regularly exercise our facial plyometrics (without living in fear that our faces may get stuck making whatever stupid face we're making at the time). Also, in response to a question I received, I never reference photos for my doodles, I only draw from memory (but I see/draw Whitney and myself so much, that I think I've been able to capture our likeness' pretty well! Ask me to draw someone else though and they'll probably end up looking like Sloth from the Goonies). Here's a couple of sketches from the most recent batch:
Cameron and Whitney sketch
The first one is of me at my job, with enjoyment levels at maximum capacity! Sadly enough, that's how I feel just about everyday when I'm at work, hahahaha.....haha.........ha...............ugh I'm dead inside. The second is of what I call Whitney's "GAH" face. She makes it in about 50% of the pictures she's ever been in it seems and it's classified as an amalgamation of silly over-smiling, delayed surprise, and subtle worry. Exhibit A and B:

Whitney gah
Whitney gah 2
Whenever I see her do it, I imagine her screaming out "GAAAHHHH!" as if I just surprised her by taking her picture with a silly, yet scary ghost camera. A projectile-ghost-clown camera maybe. Just a little tidbit for you at home.

Speaking of Whitney, she's been super duper busy with her last quarter EVER (at least she says so) of college! Hooray! I'm so proud of her. She is such a hard worker and soon all that hard work will pay off and she'll be on her way to job-land to be successful! I've taught her some general execu-talk phrases that she can utilize in the work place, which should shoot her straight to upper-management, such as "you don't worry about (blank), let me worry about (blank)" and "(Blank)?? (Blank)?!?! You're not looking at the big picture!!!" Fill in the blanks accordingly and she's set for seamless assimilation into the business world.

Whitney Mr Krabs 2
She's currently attending the University of Washington's Business School with a focus in accounting, which means I must have scared her straight trying to live as a starving artist. It also means that I'll never have to do my own taxes. I love you Whitney!!!!!!

Amidst Whitney's studies, I was able to capture a profoundly deep and intellectual discussion about the topic of auditing between Whitney and Fozzie that I'd like to share with you. It was quite enlightening and made me think.........eerrrr.......reeeaally hard-like:

Fozzie and Whitney 1
Fozzie and Whitney 2
Fozzie and Whitney 3
Fozzie and Whitney 4
Fozzie is so wise.

Samantha Letter
On a very thoughtful and heartwarming note, not too long ago I received a small package all the way from London, England containing a Disney pin featuring the house from the movie Up and one of the sweetest letters I have ever read. Samantha from marthaamay.blogspot.com (visit her blog by clicking the link or hitting her button in my sidebar!) sent this to me after reading the post about my paper Up house I made for my father earlier in the year, and she was later reminded of that post after seeing this pin in a local shop. For those of you who don't know, 2010 was an immensely hard and turbulent year for my family and I, after losing both my mother and my grandmother. It's not something I talk about, at all really, but it was immensely comforting to receive such a compassionate note from someone so far away, that I don't even know, and helped me feel not so isolated with it all. I know I've thanked you already, but Samantha if you're reading this, thank you for being such a wonderful and friendly person!

Madman iZombie
April 6th was marked on my calendar months in advance because Mike Allred's Madman Giant Size Super Ginchy Special was finally released in my local comic book store! After ending his long-running Madman series on somewhat of a "meh" note, this special is one of three major upcoming Madman projects this year that has made me pee my pants in excitement! The other two are going to be gigantic hardcovers, so adult diapers would be a smart investment on my part.

Cameron iZombie
The trade paperback of Allred's Vertigo project, iZombie, finally came out as well, so I picked up a couple of copies for Whitney and I to enjoy. Next up is the massive Madman Atomica, which should be in my mailbox soon (if it can withstand all 1000 pages of it)!

And finally, I wanted to share a couple of iphone pics that I love from one of our very rare outings in the last few months. Since we don't have too much time (or have enough money for that matter) to go out, Whitney and I will do happy hour somewhere every once in a while, aaaaaand we recently went to The Hi-Life in Ballard. There, we semi-enjoyed some pulled pork sliders and onion rings, along with some weird Absolut black tea concoction that tasted like a mixture of black tea, Vicks vapor rub, an ashtray, and unhappiness (Whitney and I don't drink alcohol at all, but feel bad when we're sitting in the bar area of a restaurant for happy hour and only order water.......the fabricated peer pressure is too much!!!!).

Whitney Hanna
Anyways, this picture made me giggle because of the Hanna movie poster over Whitney's shoulder, starring Saoirse Ronan, who according to my father and brother looks just like Whitney after they saw City of Ember......and who I think looks more like a very close relative to Whitney.............it must be the freckles and blue eyes.

Ballard Bridge Sunset
Finally, on our way back from stuffing our face, we got stopped on the Ballard Bridge as it was going up, and like a Frederic Edwin Church piece, we looked to our right to witness this majestic sunset that was too picture perfect to not snap a photo of. After so much poopy weather, I'd almost forgotten what a sunset looked like. Have a good week everyone!


  1. Your drawings are ahh-mazing! Excellent work.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new header! And I'm so so so sorry to hear about your mother and grandmother.

    AND...yeah, Whitney and the Hanna poster are classic.


  3. Yay, you totally made up for your absence with this post! So funny. Also, I want Whitney's freckles.

  4. Wonderful round up! Fozzie seems like he could answer a few questions of mine, is he available at weekends?
    How lovely of you to link my blog, it's nice to see my words and trinket to you in it's new home.

    I can't wait to see the new banner! Get your faces in the spaces!

  5. Um, I laughed harder and longer than I care to admit at Fozzie and Whitney's conversation...


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